Saturday, October 30, 2010

I think I might be....

.... a little obsessed ... Or maybe a lot obsessed. During my many hours of searching through wedding blogs and websites, I found myself just staring at these pictures.

I love these straws. I love straws in general and think they make drinking so much more fun but THESE straws are by far my favorite and I knew I HAD to have them for my wedding. But after doing my homework, I realized that they are very hard to find, and when you do find them, people are charging somewhere in the vacinity of $9 for a pack of 25 straws and you don't even get to choose what color you want. So considering I would need somewhere around 250 straws, that would mean I'd be spending about $100 on straws alone... an arm and a leg ... AKA not going to happen.

So I did what I do in all my little situations... I prayed. Kind of silly thinking back on it now- that I would bother God about helping me find affordable straws but that's what I did. And sure enough God was like, "Here you go Whitney. Here's an awesome website where you can get your straws." Oh, my goodness! Thank you Jesus!!
So for all of you who love these straws but were in the same sad state that I was, I'm going to share this with you!

You can get a pack of 50 for $3 and you can even choose the color you want!!! (I picked pink, of course) So rather than spending $100, I only spent $15.

No matter how small or silly the request, God has still shown himself through all of this and has been with me through this entire planning process, guiding me to exactly the right places at exactly the right times. I feel so blessed :-)

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  1. So fun Whit! LOVE the straws! The Lord is so good, isn't He? So fun being with you last night!