Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So long for now

Hello friends,
  As we are only 11 days away from our wedding (ahh!!!) I will not be blogging until after the wedding. I have found that just the simplest things these days cause me to stress and I feel I need a break to keep my sanity :-)  I will however be posting many many many pictures of our long awaited wedding day in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

P.S. We Bought a House!!!!

I can not begin to tell you or explain how God has miraculously blessed us and looked after us in this whole process. I feel like all of my posts in this wedding process have revolved around God building our faith and completely blowing us away with his love and countless blessings, but this house buying business was on a whole other level. From leading us to the house, to softening the sellers heart and accepting our (very low)offer the very next day, to the banker lady helping us find about 4 grants that we were eligible for, to the house being as sound as a rock- I mean honestly there is so much I'm leaving out it's incredible.
But Folks, WE HAVE A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could shout it from the rooftops. God had me sweating a little bit; a month out from our wedding and we were going to be homeless in 30 days. But He prevailed as He always does.

So here she is. OUR little nugget.

Now I just needs some Heidi Home Inspiration!! :-)

I'm sure there will be plenty more photos to come, so stay tuned!

March Showers bring May Weddings

So I finally got the pictures of my bridal showers back from my sisters. There are a lot of them so don't say I didn't warn you. I'm a lame blogger and I just FINALLY figured out how to make the pictures bigger... haha

Anyways... My mom flew out from California just to come to my bridal showers, so we planned both showers in one weekend so my mom could attend both!

The first bridal shower was thrown by my aunts. They did such an amazing job. I wish we had pictures of the food! I was so yummy!

   My Uncle heard I was having a shower and thought a shower cap would be a fitting gift. Crazy guy.

 Kait, my trusty stenographer. I had to check on her every two seconds to make sure she was paying attention. It wasn't until later that I realized I had nothing to worry about because she did a perfect job.

 Some of my loot.

Kait loved the wrap job on this gift.

 One of my favorite gifts :-) 

It was due time for a picture of the three of us. It had been a while.

 Hilary! I have her to thank for all these pictures. She was our little photographer that night.

 My mom and her BFFs

Cousins!! I don't know what I would have done without these girls. Invites to tables to pictures. They are so great.

 This is probably my favorite picture from that entire weekend. Grandma T! I love her so much!

My lovely hostess'.  So thankful for them.

2nd Bridal shower was thrown by my soon to be mother and sister in-law! They did such a great job. I wish we had pictures of all the details. They matched the colors with my wedding colors and even had matching cupcake toppers!

  Alisha! Master of bridal shower games :-)

 Mi momma.

 The four girls.

My future family!

Thank you to everyone who played a part in my bridal showers! They were so fun and so thoughtful! I greatly appreciate it!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Count Down and Gettin Doooowwwn

I know I promised pictures of my bridal showers but I left the picture taking up to Kate and Tara. I haven't seen Kate in close to 3 days and we live in the same house, and Tara decided to fly to California for 2 weeks on a minutes notice. So here I am... pictureless.

But today is a good day to blog anyways because

a MONTH from today we will be saying I DO!

Did you hear that folks???

30 DAYS!

I'm not going to lie... I tend to go into a slight anxiety attack whenever I think about how fast time is slipping by. I mean it feels like yesterday that I was saying, "Only 380 days until our wedding!" But here we are, a month out and it's CRUNCH TIME PEOPLE. No more french fries for me. Sigh. I knew this day would come.

So to keep me occupied and not focused on my ravenous hunger, I've been focusing my time on the music. Here's a little taste of what's to come.

Bridesmaid Processional- Re:stacks by Bon Iver

Coldplay Cocktail Hour- Yes, an entire hour dedicated to Isaac's favorite band Coldplay, which will include songs like Viva la Vida and, my personal favorite, Strawberry Swing (Watch that video! It's so cool!)

The Wedding Reception we wanted to have a soft acoustic feel so there will be songs like

For the Bouquet Toss, I got the inspired idea to play Single Ladies by Beyonce. And for the Garter toss? oh, just the theme from Jaws. Nothing too crazy. ;-)

And there's a section at the last half of our reception just for Kate. Yep. She had such a fit that we weren't going to have dancing that I finally said "Fine! But you're going to be the DJ because I'm not hiring one." So there is going to be a Phil and Kate Dj Hour which will have songs like Cha Cha slide by Mr. C, and E.T. by Katy Perry. It should be pretty fun. And I have a feeling Kate will be doing more boogeying than DJ'ing :-)

PS. Check out her fashion blog, KaitKulture!