Thursday, April 14, 2011

P.S. We Bought a House!!!!

I can not begin to tell you or explain how God has miraculously blessed us and looked after us in this whole process. I feel like all of my posts in this wedding process have revolved around God building our faith and completely blowing us away with his love and countless blessings, but this house buying business was on a whole other level. From leading us to the house, to softening the sellers heart and accepting our (very low)offer the very next day, to the banker lady helping us find about 4 grants that we were eligible for, to the house being as sound as a rock- I mean honestly there is so much I'm leaving out it's incredible.
But Folks, WE HAVE A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could shout it from the rooftops. God had me sweating a little bit; a month out from our wedding and we were going to be homeless in 30 days. But He prevailed as He always does.

So here she is. OUR little nugget.

Now I just needs some Heidi Home Inspiration!! :-)

I'm sure there will be plenty more photos to come, so stay tuned!


  1. Whit and Isaac, LOVE LOVE LOVE your new little house! It is so homey and cute! I will send all the home inspiration you want your way. :)

  2. aww its so cute! arey ou gonna paint that wood paneling?? :) i will help!

  3. Congratulations!!! Whit, first off, it's the perfect house! These are great 'cause there's so much fun things to do with need to get a blog address from Bek of this couple that took a house that looks a lot like yours and made it seriously AMAZING!!!!! So fun!!

  4. it's
    they bought an older house and completely redid the inside and outside in cost -efficient ways. If nothing else, it's just a fun blog to look at! Can't wait to tour your's adorable! I love it.

  5. So happy for you Whit! I've been getting a little concerned myself that the wedding date is close and still no house! :-) So thankful that the Lord has provided a perfect house for you!
    Aunt Pam

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