Saturday, February 4, 2012


I fear I've become pretty lazy with this blog. I could blame my puppy, with potty training, entertaining her, and catering to her 'hypoglycemic tendencies' (as the vet likes to call it) but I won't. But I do have a few things to share regardless... So for the past year I've been pretty obsessed with the site pinterest. Chances are if you're a girl you're either obsessed like me or you've at least heard of it. Now that I have an iPhone (thank you Jesus!) I have the pinterest app and save all my favorite pictures... Here are just a few :-) enjoy! The last picture isn't from pinterest, but I think she's so cute that I needed to add her to the mix'

Monday, January 9, 2012

New addition!

We got a puppy! Yes, and such a sweet little addition she is. She's tiny but supposedly 8 weeks old, even though the vet thinks she's a lot younger. She loves to be bundled up in a blanket and cuddled, and makes tiny little whimper noises if you are not cuddling her enough. :-) She's a sweet little thing. Here are a few pictures.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oh Christmas

She came and she went. It was our first Christmas together in our new house which made it extra special. Here are a few pictures of the decorations we put up together...

 Our tree... which curiously reminds me of my mother's tree. I guess the apple doesn't fall far...

All lit up.

This is what i called our 'crap tree' :-) It was going to be our main tree until we put it together and realized how Charlie Brown it looked. So this guy spent Christmas in our kitchen.

Annnnd this is what to do if you don't have a mantle... Screw and tack your garland and your stockings to your wall... :-/  Christmas isn't Christmas with out stockings. Shout out to G-ma Tillster for the 4 foot golden cones. I love those things. 

Hope you all have a fab Christmas season!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas

Just a few ideas... but I think I might be biased... because these are all things i love :-)

The Reckoning by Needtobreathe. These men had me at "Washed by the Water". Love that bluesy soulful vibe.  I've been listening to every single album and they are all completely amazing and it's Christian! I've never come across a Christian band that i liked (besides worship) so this is a FIRST. Score.

I had to throw a candle in there :-) Spiced Apple Toddy makes my house smell sooo yummy.

'You don't know Jacques' by OPI- my new favorite color. So chic.

I heart this cardigan- I've even worn it to bed once :-) It's so comfy and warm for these cold months and
it's from Old Navy! I didn't know they had cute things haha

Something for HIM:

Tretorn shoes... Kinda like converse but cuter. I love the criss cross elastic bands.

Although what i really think he wanted was this....

Les paul. Maybe next year... maybe not.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mr. Bubbles

I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas music but I'd let Mr. Bubbles (i like Bubbles better than Buble) sing to me any day.  Fun fact: I heart Nat King Cole, Billy Holiday, Etta James, (not a big Sinatra fan) and such. Call me an old soul I guess. I also listen to Jazz radio more than any other station.  So needless to say, Michael Buble's new Christmas album is right up my alley.

We're definitely going to listen to this album while digging up the Christmas decorations :-)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh Fall

We are on the tail end of FALL and it's making me realize I'm going to miss it when it's gone. It has been one of the most beautiful and unusually long Fall season since I've moved back here. Isn't it usually snowing by now? Thank you Jesus that you haven't sent that upon us yet.

So to commemorate my favorite season, here are a few of my favorite fall things...

Oh my word, if Fall could be ONE thing for me- it would be the Vanilla Chai from Fusion Brew. I seriously could drink one every day and not get sick of them. My ultimate comfort food/drink.

I had one just yesterday and forgot to take a picture of it but here's a picture of another pretty drink... not sure what it is haha
 My new infiniti scarf :-) I heart scarves this time of year.

Tree trunk Luminary! I got this bad boy 50% off at Bath and Body Works. You put a 3 wick candle in it and it lets off the most cozy romantic lighting. Great for fall nights.... but don't put the "Fireside" candle in it. It smells gross. Put this one.....

Leaves! It doesn't smell like leaves, it smells like yummy fall spices. It's my favorite fall candle.

And my Fall wouldn't be complete with out  Brach's Mellowcreme Pumpkins. Oh my how I love them.

Here's to you Fall! I will miss you.

Monday, October 24, 2011

We have a Tie

Out of an overwhelming 5 votes (this blog keeps me humble haha) we have a tie between two headers. Sadly we have to say goodbye to header #1. Thanks for playing!

And now a tie breaker between 

Header #2


Header #3

Although, I couldn't think of any tie breaker ideas...

so I asked my hubs his opinion :-) Then I asked my co-workers and after getting 4 more votes there was an obvious favorite.

Header # 3 is the winner!!! yay!! shoes!

Thank you everyone for your help :-)