Monday, October 24, 2011

We have a Tie

Out of an overwhelming 5 votes (this blog keeps me humble haha) we have a tie between two headers. Sadly we have to say goodbye to header #1. Thanks for playing!

And now a tie breaker between 

Header #2


Header #3

Although, I couldn't think of any tie breaker ideas...

so I asked my hubs his opinion :-) Then I asked my co-workers and after getting 4 more votes there was an obvious favorite.

Header # 3 is the winner!!! yay!! shoes!

Thank you everyone for your help :-)


  1. YAYY SHOES! thats the one i wanted!
    now put that bad boy up!

  2. It goes so well with the 'journey' theme! So fun! Just put the other picture up in ur house bc it's so great!!!