Saturday, October 16, 2010

Goats and Gifts

As you might know from our previous post, it was me and Isaac's 5 year anniversary this week. Each year we've made it a tradition to go to Tanner's Orchard and this year was no different. I think going to Tanner's is a MUST fall activity. We love picking out the perfect pumpkin, walking arm and arm through the yummy market, and taste testing the different apples. I swear I walk out of that place with armfuls of food every year. This year I decided that I needed apples (to make a pie, of coarse...yet I've never made a pie in my entire life), a loaf of garlic bread, raspberry scones (which were the most amazing things I've ever tasted), a dozen apple cider doughnuts (a staple purchase when you go to Tanner's), some blueberry muffins, and four cute little gourds to decorate the kitchen. It was the best 2 pounds I've ever gained!

However, Isaac's personal favorite thing to do at Tanner's (besides eat) is play with the goats. Yep, he loves them. Here are a few videos from the past 2 years of Isaac and his goats.

Since we've been engaged, we've been very practical in our gift giving and had very practical gifts in mind to give each other. I guess my gift to Isaac isn't so practical in the price department but considering he was using 3 fans at night, I figured he should consolidate space and energy and use one cool looking fan instead (plus I got it on sale!). DYSON. It enchanted us. A company on the edge of technological genius.

Isaac has had this fan turned on for hours and hours everyday since I gave it to him and it works like a dream. DYSON had become our new best friend. However, I had only dreamed about owning a DYSON vacuum because the hefty price (over $500) was a little more than I was willing to part with for a vacuum of all things, but one fateful day we walked into the heavenly store of Macy's and stumbled upon a DYSON vacuum listed for 40% off of the sale price! The salesperson was quick to inform us that if we opened a Macy's card we could get an additional 15% percent off. I never thought in my life that I would ever get excited about a vacuum, but after doing some research and realizing that this is a top of the line vacuum with a 4.8 out of 5 star rating, I couldn't wait to take it home and vacuum with it! After all the discounts and store cards, we ended up getting this little beauty for 70% off!!!!! Just thinking about the price we paid for a $500 vacuum makes me do a little jig on my nice fluffy clean carpet. Thank you Isaac! Happy Anniversary to me. Happy Anniversary to us.

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