Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Registering: Oh what fun!

Last week we went to go establish our wedding registries at Macy's, Target and Pottery Barn. I was kind of nervous because I thought this was going to be really overwhelming. I mean how does one register for things to fill an entire house? So that's why I brought Tara with me... things that overwhelm me are just her next exciting challenge. She gets organized and detailed and broke it down so I wouldn't feel defeated before I began.

We started off at Macy's, and an extra stow away in tow. I was babysitting my cousin Rebecca's baby Garrison that weekend, and since he looks alot like me, I'm sure the Macy's saleswomen thought he was our illegitimate child... but I was ok with that- he's a cute little nugget. After a half an hour of the saleswomen trying to get it together and set up our registry account, Garrison wasn't the only one getting antsy. Honestly, it was getting a little ridiculous, and I considered walking right out of there. Finally, after yelling to each other from one desk to another and scrambling to find all their paperwork to give us, the sales lady handed us the scanner, and we were on our way. After weaving our way through the aisles, I stumbled upon the Martha Stewart collection... and quickly decided I needed about everything she had available! This, I'm sure, would have been really annoying for Isaac considering it was all kitchen supplies, but he had the manly duty of holding the scanner, pretending it was his gun and seeing how far back he could stand and scan things... those things have good range.

Registering, I realized, was alot of fun! I will admit, I almost got carried away... (Tara had to talk me out of a $100 toaster) but I quickly came to my senses and found more reasonably priced appliances. After about an hour, and 4 pages of items and, we decided to call it quits.

A couple days later, me and Isaac decided to go to Target. By now, I gained confidence and felt we could do it on our own. Target was a little bit easier, considering you don't have to deal with crazy, yelling sales people. I printed off our registry, they handed us a scanner and away we went.... we stopped to take a few pictures along the way.

Isaac, excited to be holding the scanner....
...but I quickly found him in places like this... looking just like this... mouth open and blank stare. Oh boys.

I, on the other hand, am quite a girl... scanning things for our closet... because every girl needs an organized closet.

Rice makers, Tupperware , spatulas, toasters, storage bins, trash cans, flash lights.... it's crazy the amount of money it takes to buy everyday necessities... and yet it so much fun when it's not your own money!!

What's really nice is these days all the places have online registries, so you can manage and track your registry online. It has made things so much easier for me, because I can go and delete duplicate items or add anything I forgot. Also, they have a continuation program, so they put a percentage from every purchase off your registry toward the items you don't get, that way after your wedding you have a nice little bundle to complete your registry.
So now I breath a sigh of relief to have this off my shoulders, and presumptuously onto yours! Happy shopping everyone! haha


  1. I checked out your registries!! So much fun!!

  2. Haha well thank you! We had fun doing them... although i hope people don't think we are little beggers...