Monday, November 8, 2010

6 MONTHS and STD's!

Six months from yesterday we will be saying 'I Do'!!!! What's even weirder is that we've been engaged for 9 months already. That's so crazy. People told me it would fly by and it definately has.

We just sent out our save the dates (or STD's as they are known in the wedding blog world) this week! In case you were wondering, that picture was taken by my fabulously talented cousin Tami Paige. I told her I wanted it to look vintage and she definately delivered.

Once the picture was ready, I went to and was able to pick from about 100 different save the date designs. They have really cute invitation designs too but their save the dates are more afforable. I picked about 6 designs to test out which ones looked the best with our picture. You can also choose the different color you want, and the different fonts. Once we narrowed it down to the one we liked, I ordered them, and they sent me a digital proof to show exactly what it was going to look like. After I gave them the ok, they printed them off and shipped them to me. They said it was going to take about two weeks but they actually sent them to me after only 3 days! I'm very happy with how they turned out.
Please excuse my horrible cropping job. Thanks.


  1. LOVE it Whit! They turned out so cute! So looking forward to your wedding. Still looking for Will's outfit for Ring bearer...didn't realize how hard it would be to find.

  2. aw! haha Don't stress yourself out! It doesn't have to be exactly what I suggested. It can be whatever you want it to be. Although I'm kind of attached to the bow tie idea! haha

  3. Oh I am definitely going to make it work one way or the is all so it's your Wedding! :)

  4. STD is also known in the world as sexually transmitted diseases! haha I was like what do these two things have in common in the same post! haha