Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm getting pretty good at this stuff

Remember that one time it took me a WEEK to finish my napkins... well yesterday I figured since I had extra time, I would finish yet another mundane task: tying ribbon around each bottle of bubbles. As Isaac and I walk down the aisle as husband and wife, we are going to have our beloved guests blow bubbles, and to spice up my dollar store purchases (only $1 for 9 bottles!!!) I thought ribbon would do the trick. Now considering the last time it took me to cut and tie ribbon around my napkins, I felt disgusted thinking how long this was going to take me....

but I underestimated myself. I'm getting really good at this stuff and it took me less than an hour to cut all the ribbon and tie them around the bubbles. Relief. It's not too exciting but here they are.

By the way, OUR STRAWS CAME!!! And as you can see, we are verrry excited!

Don't worry, we got an extra pack for ourselves. We won't be serving you these straws.


  1. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHH That picture of the straws made me laugh soo hard. i love it and you guys.

  2. Love the the straws! Too fun!

  3. Oh my! Thank goodness! Otherwise I was drinking strawless at your wedding! haha