Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Giraffes and Decor

This is how my brain is working these days.... I had a meeting to get my wedding dress altered and brought along my shoes and my under garments but completely forgot my dress. I planned to meet with my cousin to talk about invites and completely forgot to bring my invitations, so I had to drive all the way back to my house to pick them up. I had set up a meeting with someone but was so consumed with stamping and stuffing my invitations that I didn't remember I had a meeting until they text me and asked me where I was.

I think I'm going crazy.

And my subconscious is telling me the same thing. The other night I had a dream about my wedding. The first dream I've had in a long time about my wedding but it was terrifying and ridiculous. It was the day of my wedding and of course nothing was going right. I was all dressed and ready to go and we were supposed to be taking pictures but we realized all too late that we had forgotten to decorate the reception! I panicked. How could this have happened???? Tara volunteered to go get the decorations but an hour after she left, she came back with our Christmas decorations instead of my wedding decorations by accident BUT WAS TRYING TO MAKE THEM WORK! She was putting garland and ornaments on the tables, making lemonade out of lemons, and I was getting more and more infuriated that my Spring wedding was starting to look like Christmas Eve!! So I took matters into my own hands, and hopped onto the giraffe that just so happened to be standing next to me (which seemed like the only logical thing to do at that time since all the cars were taken) and rode through the forest, in my wedding dress, back to the house.

Somehow I made it back with the loads of wedding decorations, giraffe in tow, but was FUMING at Tara because my dress had gotten dirty on my giraffe ride and everything was ruined.

I'm not sure what's more crazy; doubting Tara's party planning competence or giraffe riding back to my house in my wedding dress.

Either way, I took this as a sign to chillax a bit. If you're reading this, pray for my brain. I def need it!


  1. Oh Witney, that is too funny! I will pray for your poor over-taxed brain. It sounds like it needs a break!

    Aunt Pam

  2. Thanks Aunt Pam! I could definately use a break.

  3. hahahahaha that giraffe dream made me laugh so hard.. that is an amazing dream. oh whits. you funny.