Monday, January 31, 2011

As Promised...

A few months ago my mom and I decided it was about time we figure out what we're going to do about the flower situation. Since we were on a budget, we toyed with the idea of DYI'ing it... but after going to different wholesalers, I was getting panic attacks just thinking about doing all that work the day before (or the day of) my wedding. That's when my Aunt suggested a lady out of Mackinaw named, Beth, who is not only affordable but does a really good job.
She owns/runs Garden Gate Floral out of Mackinaw, IL. My mom and I set up an appointment and it was love at first... meet, I guess you could say. She knew exactly what I was going for and she's somehow making it all happen with in my budget. (Once again, thank you thank you thank you Jesus!) Tara and I met up with her again this past week just to nail down designs and flowers. AND here is what we came up with....

Peonies- pretty much my favorite flower on the planet (also super expensive, yet Jesus and Beth are amazing:-) )
Pink ranunculus (my second favorite flower)

Orange ranunculus

Billy Balls boutonnieres- are they not the cutest little things??? I love them

Deep pink carnations... now I know what you're thinking, but if it's done right, these can actually look pretty awesome.

I think these are called 'button daisies' but I could be very wrong. Anyways, I hate daisies but I love these little guys.

And babys breath.
Coming into this, I was so afraid that I would have to settle with really ugly flowers just to come in under my budget, but of course I put it in God's hands and not my own and he's blessed me with the exact flowers I had dreamed about. How amazing is He? Honestly. My heart is full and my floral future is looking fabulous.

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