Monday, January 24, 2011

Jack of all Trades

In case you are not aware, my cousin Beka is pretty much the most talented person I know. My sisters joke and say that I am obsessed with anything she does, and there is a little bit of truth to that. I can honestly say that she has become a role model in my life recently and this is slightly embarrassing to admit since she has been there all along and I am just now noticing. I mean, I've always looked up to her and her sisters for their artistic talent, but never knew Beka was a jack of all trades! She can sew, she can knit, she cooks the yummiest lasagna and makes it look easy! AND she has the coolest handwriting ever, which works out for me because she has offered to hand address my invites for me.

So of course I took her up on her offer, so honored that she would even offer to do such a tedious chore, but she clearly enjoyed it because after only a week she had the first set of invites done! (Keep in mind she has four children under the age of 6, including a baby who's not even 1) See what I mean? She's great. Anyways, on top of all my invites, I asked her if she could draw a little map that we could add as an insert to my invites showing how to get to Mackinaw Valley Vineyard from Bloomington. I know I know, it sounds like I'm asking for alot from her, but just look at how the map turned out!

Isn't it just the cutest little thing you've ever seen??? She even drew Isaac's hair!

With out my sweet cousins my wedding would clearly be lacking in creative edge. You guys are so fantastic. Love you three!!


  1. whit, you are too sweet to say all these things about me! and just so you know, I actually don't know how to sew with a sewing machine. I do a little hand stitching with that's a lot easier and not as impressive :). i'm so glad you like the map and even isaac's hair :) glad to do it for ya!

  2. Love this little post. So true about Bek. She can do just about anything! I have always admired her and Tam Tam in so many areas, and it's so fun when someone else notices them too. If only this part of your wedding help would get on the ball and finish up her job. haha

  3. Oh my goodness Heidi, you had a baby .2 seconds ago and your deadline is well over 3 months away- there is no rush by any means. And I thank you so much. We never realized how difficult sewing those stupid things was going to be!!

    and Beka, I'm sure you'd be just as fab at sewing as you are with knitting :-)

  4. i agree with ya, Whit! :) Such a sweet post!