Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Isaac and I decided to opt out of a head table (considering we have over 20 in our bridal party) and just have a table for just us two. I liked the idea of putting pennants around our little table but wasn't a fan of the cheesy "Mr. and Mrs" or "Happily Ever After". After talking to Tara, she said to do what feels comfortable for you two because it's no one else's wedding but your own. Sage words. They hit me, and I felt that I was tip toeing around these small details thinking that people were going to think they were stupid. So silly, because these small details are what make our wedding OUR WEDDING. So, after running a few ideas past Isaac, we decided that we wanted our pennants to say BFF'S. It's very "us" and quite honestly I don't care if anyone else likes them because we LOVE them :-) But they're so cute, I think you might like them too!

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  1. They are definitely VERY you guys and I just wish I had thought of it first! haha Just glad you are making my pennants so I can home something like it! :-)