Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Calling all GAMERS

I need your help!!!
(I am only slightly as desperate as that sounded)
At our wedding, after the ceremony (before the reception) we're going to have a cocktail hour while Isaac and I take our pictures, so to spare our poor guests from boredom, Tara and I came up with the brilliant idea of having LAWN GAMES for people to partake in. YAY!! So much fun!!
....But this would have been a more brilliant idea if we actually owned any LAWN GAMES...
So then I looked into purchasing some, but was not aware at this would set me back a pretty penny... and call me crazy but I don't feel like spending an arm and a leg on lawn games.
I hope this doesn't come off weird or crazy (maybe I am at this point in my wedding planning) but I was hoping that a few people in this great unknown that own of any of these little games would allow us to borrow them for a day? :-)
You'll get them back- scouts honor. Tara's pretty much the most organized person I've ever met.

Or if anyone has a tip on where to purchase these games for cheap- anything would be soo soo greatly appreciated!


  1. I would recommend checking out Amazon or Ebay! I mean these are usually the places where you can find "good" things for a smaller price! Good Luck, sounds like it is going to be a fun wedding to attend!!

  2. Whit, I may know someone that has the Bocce ball set...I'll check into that. Also, you may find some lawn games by going to garage sales this spring...possibly! I'll keep my eyes out!

  3. I wish we had lawn games, but alas, we are a bit boring and don't own any! Well, if all else fails, we have a soccer net, you could set up soccer. :)

  4. haha thanks Heidi! haha I will consider that.

    And Tami, garage sales, what a great idea. We should go together! Maybe we could find things for your studio!