Friday, March 4, 2011

Gifty Gifts

These are what I'm working on now. GIFTS. You'd think this would be easy... you'd think that the millions of other brides out there would have AMAZING ideas... you'd THINK that they wouldn't give their poor (literally poor after your wedding) bridesmaids and sweet volunteers things like this:

Bobble Heads. Yep. Some girl gave her bridesmaids their very own bobble head.... Ugh. Drawing no inspiration from these weirdos, I had to start from scratch.

These are just a few of the different gifts ideas I came across during my search. Maybe I'm partial but I kind of like... ok, love all these things.

Pearl earring studs. Classic and sophisticated... and only $9.99 on (Shop:Dutchpearl)

I wish I had found these earlier. Maybe it's the baker in me but I probably would have bought every single flavor I could find! I mean who doesn't like cupcakes??? Makes 12 cupcakes. $14.00 at

Lasts long and comes in A TON of cool colors. My fave right now 'The one that got away'. $8.00ish per bottle Find a store near you HERE

I promise I'm not obsessed. They just make it so easy to give as gifts! ... plus I may or may not absolutely love all their new scents... :-) 1.6 oz. mini candles are 3 for $5 at Bath and Body Works

It's even the perfect gift size! (Secret Wonderland, stupid name, smells so yummy- I bought one for myself!) 3 for $10 at Bath and Body Works

Williams-Sonoma cookbooks. These may not be for everyone but if the person you're gifting likes to cook, they'll love these. They make cooking look soooo pretty. Prices vary but you can get them for less on

You can't really go wrong with messages. Pretty much a crowd pleaser. Unless you're Chiraptophobic.....confession: I had to look that up :-) If you're like me and need to google that, it's the fear of being touched.

Take care of them footsies. I would venture to say that this is also a crowd pleaser!

Metallic flippity flops- good for after those pedicures... or dancing shoes at the reception! $5.00 at Old Navy

One of my favorites! I just think these bandaids are so stinkin cute! Great for after that long night in heals. $8 at Urban Outfitters.
And last but certainly not least....MY TAKE on the 'personalized bridal gift':
Customized Cosmetic Bags. You can choose your own fabric and even put each girl's name on it.

I think they're so cute.
So there you have it folks. I hope this helps a desperate bride out there looking for inspiration.


  1. Okay, um, do you need a personal attendant? Or maybe someone to drive you around? Or um...yeah, I just want your awesome gifts. It's all selfish. :D Very fun!!! Oh, and good call on not giving the bobble-heads!

  2. Oh my gosh Tami! You're the only Inoue that I'm not utilizing! Well we HAVE to change that right now! :-) You can be my ...anything really... and i promise to give you great gifts!

  3. I also love your gifts...and you would be utilizing me if I would actually be used. I think your runners are WAY overdue...and I promise to get them done before your wedding...and not just the day before.

  4. I CNAT WAIT TO GET MY GIFTS :) these are so fun. and i love the makeup bags made me giddy looking at this post.

  5. this was something that I had so much trouble with.. all the gifts were so cheesy.... So I ended up getting my bridesmaids purses -- picked each one out that looked the most "them" -- and filled them with goodies. They loved it and I was so glad I didn't have to settle for the music boxes with their names on them! LOL!