Thursday, March 17, 2011

Home home on the range

We have currently turned our attention on finding a home (not on a range), a little late in the ball game considering we'll be homeless in about a month, but better late than never. We are hoping to buy rather than rent so we've been scoping a few areas out first and seeing what's availible. We've just recently been looking in the Savannah Green area in Normal. A cute, safe, starter home neighborhood. Cute, safe and starter home are exactly the adjectives we've been using when discribing what we want in our first house, so we have high hopes that we can find what we're looking for. We walked through a few houses yesterday, 2 to be exact, but we're still looking for the house that fits us. However there are alot of houses for sale in that neighborhood and more are adding to the market everyday since spring is upon us, so we're still optimistic.

Here are a few of the little nuggets. Fingers crossed and prayers raised high, we'll have a home to call our own before we tie the knot :-)

PS. My bridal showers are this weekend!! I'm so excited!


  1. they all look pretty similar! thats so crazy. but i like numbaaa one :)

  2. I always have thought Savannah Green area has such cute houses. Good luck on the search!

  3. I thought these were all the same house until I read Kait's comment. :) I love them...soooo cute! A perfect starter home!