Monday, June 21, 2010


Apparently this wedding planning stuff has been pretty simple for me and Isaac because we had a few places we had in mind ahead of time. Like for instance, our cake. Now normally a person would go to several bakeries and taste test before deciding which place had the best prices AND the best tasting cake... here in town that place would be Janet's Bakery. Yep. If you're from here you're already saying to yourself, "Ooooh yeah that place has thee BEST cake!" And it's true, they do, and they also have the best prices. Which is probably why I find Isaac chowing down on a few of their mini cakes at least once every other week. Did I mention Janet's Bakery is conveniently located next to the Corporate Headquarters of State Farm ... where Isaac works?

Anyways, rather than taste testing, all I had to do was walk right in and say, "Excuse me... I would like to put down a wedding cake deposit for May 7th, 2011. Cool thanks." And out I haha .......with a couple mini sample cakes in hand. PS. did you know that if you put down a deposit for a wedding cake, you get all the mini cake samples you want FOR FREE!!!
... and there goes my diet. I'm going to leave you with a few of my favorite wedding cake designs. Enjoy!


  1. I used Janet's for my wedding, and I got so many comments on the cake! Love it!

  2. o my gosh, I did the same thing. One night me and my Mom chowed down on about 7 of their (huge!) samples!! ooo so yummy!