Friday, June 25, 2010

Meet the little nuggets!

It's official!! We are blessed and honored to announce that our ring bearer and flower girl are little buddy Will and cute baby Mckenna!

Mckenna is the 14 month old baby girl of my friend and Isaac's cousin Amber (Strong) Borst and her husband Philip Borst. She's adorable and the apple of the Strong's eye! She will make the perfect little flower girl!

Look at that cute little smile.
Special thanks to this little cutie's uncle Ryan Strong and Amber for the pictures!
Little Will is the adorbale, just turned 3 year old of my cousin Heidi and her husband Jarod. Lucky for us he lives right around the corner from us Huber girls, so we have had the joy of babysitting him ever since he was a little babe. There couldn't have been a more perfect choice for a ring bearer.
Little stud in his cardigan!

Another special thanks to Tami, Heidi, and Rebecca for allowing me to steal all your pictures! I hope you don't mind!
A shout out to the other little love bugs in our lives: Joshua, Darcy, Aria, and baby Garrison! They are as sweet as they are adorable. We love you guys!


  1. Such a fun post! We ARE so honored to have little Will be your ring bearer. I can't promise a flawless performance, but like you said, that's sometimes what makes it so cute.

  2. soooo cute!!!! i loved this little post!!!