Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MIA. Yes, that has been me recently. A few reasons;
1) my sister just got married last week! See pictures HERE.
2) And I recently got a new job!

I am officially a State Farm Payment Plan (SFPP) representative.  I don't feel like explaining it because it'll sound boring and lame. However, no more crazy fluctuating hours, and no more nights or weekends for me! It's been fabulous. Anddd to top it off, I get my own cubicle! This may not sound like much to you, but to me it's pretty neat-o.  So my attention has been shifted on how to decorate my cubicle :-)  Next to my house, it's the second place I spend most of my time at... might as well make it homey.

Apparently other people don't think the same way as me about their cubicles because I could barely find any pictures of inspiration... Anyone have any winning ideas they'd like to share? :-)

Thinking about 'wallpapering' my cube walls with cool fabric...

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