Saturday, September 17, 2011

Here at my cube

This morning, while 'wall papering' my cube with the fabric I used for my table runners at my wedding....

my cube neighbor, Joe (let's just call him Joe) walked by, then slowly back up and said, "Oh my goodness! I didn't realize what you were doing over here! You shocked me! (laugh laugh laugh).... 
it's just a little loud. I'm in shock."

Apparently State Farmers do not interior decorate their cubes... woops.


  1. Will they make you take it down? I want to see it! Can you post a picture?

  2. I'm pretty sure i'm allowed to decorate it the way i want, so i don't think they'll make me take it down. I'll try to post a picture soon! :-)

  3. how fun Whit! that's so funny about Joe. I am sure it will look so fun when you are done. yes, post pictures. :)