Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's been a while

Oh hi there. It's been a good month or so since my last stressed out post. I am happy to report that I'm happy as a clam (no more wedding stress) but a lot has ocurred since then. Our long awaited wedding came and went (pictures to come!) and we are now settling into married life. We went on our lovely honeymoon to Costa Rica. It was beautiful, relaxing...and really humid. My hair refused to obey and ran wild that week. Sigh. And I realized quite early into the trip that I do NOT like being called "Mrs. Strong". Makes me feel old... like an old elementary school teacher. "My name is Whitney. Just call me Whitney" has been my response to those polite people.

 We were given the news on our honeymoon that we couldn't close on our house (see it here!) until the end of May. So that meant there would be 2 weeks of us being homeless. Isaac's parents took pity on us and were sweet enough to allow us to live with them (rent free!). Living with them has been great. They have been so accomidating and nice but right now life is a little unsettled with my stuff being here and there and everywhere... but GUESS WHAT!

As of yesterday we are
We are still working on the house so we can't move in right away
but we are one step closer and that makes me
one. happy. girl.


  1. Whit....Congratulations!!! I'm still up for painting, helping move stuff, whatever, just let me know if you need any help! Miss ya!

  2. Hope to be able to come help you paint one of these days. Let me know when you need another opinion.