Monday, September 20, 2010

Battle of the Wedding Bands

Finding a ring for Isaac has been a journey in and of itself. I started searching the internet for inspiration the moment we got engaged, a good 7 months ago. If you haven't noticed already, Isaac and I are a little more out of the box so we don't like most 'run of the mill' rings... like this one...
So looking through countless amounts of pictures really helped me form an idea of what I wanted for him, or rather what I didn't want. Rule #1. NO RINGS THAT LOOKED STRAIGHT OUT OF THE 80'S. I feel like the only person that would wear this ring is a Casino owner.I liked the look of diamonds but didn't want too many that it looked almost feminine... like this ring. I can imagine homosexual males wearing a ring like this one.... and, SURPRISE! Isaac isn't a homosexual male, so this isn't the ring for him. So rule #2 NO FEMININE RINGS

Then I tried searching for more modern looking rings. And this is no easy feat, let me tell you, because when I typed the word 'Modern' it apparently thinks I typed the words 'John Gosselin' in the search bar and brings up ugly rings like this one.... trashy, classless, tacky... Isaac is none of those things. Rule #3 NO JOHN GOSSELIN RINGSFinally I found a ring that I liked but felt needed a few changes... like a black band and all black diamonds... but when you start to customize something, it becomes pretty pricey. I went through three different jewelers to try to make this ring work. But sadly, my bank account was screaming at me, and I had to put my customizing ways behind me. Rule #4 NO CUSTOMIZED RINGS
So I prayed and I prayed and I prayed some more that God would put my search to an end and show me the perfect ring.... one that wouldn't scratch, one that was in my price range, one with a black band and a few diamonds- the perfect style. That's when I stumbled upon the Triton website. I found this ring- Thee Perfect Ring!!!! It was only HALF of the amount I had originally saved for Isaac's ring, leaving me with a nice bundle of money to put towards my flowers!!!!!!

So my search is over and my heart is happy. God is good.

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  1. awesome! i love the black band...i love your blog, whitters. :)