Saturday, July 31, 2010

a little glimpse...

Here's a glimpse at the things that have consumed my life lately.....

Shoe clips... considering making my own...

Name cards and place settings...

Reception decor

Program fans

Photo booth fun

DIY tissue lanterns

Made my own cake topper... looks like this but is an 'S'

Isaac's wedding band....

Decisions, decisions.

I love these

I love these too

... and table linens

And yet there is still more that has been flooding my mind like finalizing the table designs, meeting with the caterer and florist, finding gifts for my 11 bridesmaids (yep, 11), putting together a JCrew worthy honeymoon wardrobe, and deciding on the music for the entire day. It's a good thing I still have another 8 months because this wedding planning stuff is a little overwhelming. My motto I've realized is this

I want to buy this and nail it to my ceiling so it's the last thing I see at night since that's the time I worry about my budget and silly things like whether my dress will fit...

But for now, to save money and my ceiling, I listen to this sweet song and rest my tiresome little peepers. (The link to follow in the next blog post) Please enjoy!

Goodnight everyone. Sleep well.

PS. I've lost 8 pounds! woo hoo! Thank you shake weight.

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