Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A couple weeks ago Whitney asked if I would go with her to Davids Bridal to pick out earrings for the wedding. And of course I said yes. You can ask Whitney how many times I have said yes since the planning has began. 100% of the time. I am behind her and all of her ideas. She has the most creative mind and a desire to make the wedding day unforgettable for us and our attendees.

Anyway back to Davids Bridal."You'll love Davids Bridal." I always sing that stupid tune after I hear those words. I am off on Thursdays so we decided to go then. I love my sleep and wanted to sleep in for a little bit and Whitney was kind enough to let me do that. :) We made our journey to Peoria and arrived at Davids around noonish. I have never been to a wedding store and didn't know what to expect. Its a very interesting place. First off I was the only male in the store but I sucked it up and shopped with my lady. There were young brides coming in and out of the dressing rooms posing for their moms and sisters. It made me anxious to see what Whitney's dress is going to look like! Whitney didn't find earrings that day and I blame it on the person who worked there. She was of no help. But Whitney did find a cool looking thing that you put on your head. :)

We never go anywhere without eating so after Davids we hit up Sonic! Delish! We also took a stroll thru Northwoods mall and then headed back into town.. It was a delightful day with my beautiful bride to be.

In case you were wondering 10 months from today I will say "I do."

Peace out blogspot

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  1. best quote of the day, "Whitney did find a cool looking thing that you put on your head.:)" hilarious. you're a good man, isaac! :) way to go.