Monday, February 15, 2010

The BEGINNING... Whitney's side of the story

Whitney: It all started when I decided to fly back to Illinois in the summer of 2005 to see my life long friends, Molly and Shannon, before I went to college in the fall. Actually that's not true. It all started when I was in 3rd grade and a specific someone chose to make fun of my "hair do". I'm sure it was deserved because back then I looked like a little boy, apparently all in the name of Dorothy Hamill.Ugh! PS. Thanks again mom.
Anyways, little did I know, after all that had happened (moving to California my freshman year of high school and making a new life for myself) I would come back years later and fall for my one and only bully. The night we met, or reunited, my friends and I decided to go to a drive in movie and invited a few of their other friends to come along, among them was Isaac Wesley Neal Strong. My friends prepped me ahead of time saying Isaac had grown into a very beautiful specimen of a man and was no longer the annoying little 4th grader (he's a grader older)I remembered him to be. Boy were they right.
At that time in my life, I wasn't interested in finding a boyfriend and didn't need one to validate who I was. I was happy just being me and being on my own. It was a new chapter of my life and I wanted to go off to college with out anything holding me back, but when he walked down the stairs into Molly's basement and into my life, I knew I was in trouble. I can still remember his highlighted faux hawk hair, his grass green concert T-shirt, his tan skin, his baby blues and his shy yet captivating persona. How could any 19 year old girl not love him? And when I found out he played guitar and wanted to be a worship leader I no longer had a choice in the matter. My little heart walked right up to him and practically leaped into his arms with out even consulting me first!
I spent a week in Illinois trying to deny my feelings and walk away from the trip like Isaac hadn't affected me in some way so I could go to college with a clean slate, but it seemed quite impossible. We hadn't even spoken a word to each other the entire week, until the last night when I reluctantly said goodbye to him and he gave me what felt like the last hug I would ever get in my life. By the time I made it to my house in California, I couldn't get to the computer fast enough to "update my myspace" AKA talk to Isaac on instant messaging. A few days and several hundred hours worth of instant messaging later, the truth had been set free; Isaac liked me!!! (Yes, I was 19 when this happened, not 12 like it sounds I should be). In October, after 2 months of instant messaging for hours on end, emailing, and phone conversations, Isaac decided to fly to California to visit me. .

We began dating October 15th, 2005, and though we didn't know it at the time, this was the beginning to a beautiful something.


  1. That is a really cute story. Do we get Isaacs side of the story too? Sorry about the Dorothy Hamill haircut. Not sure why I thought that was cute. But you would have been cute in any haircut. I think all of you girls are going to have scars from my early hairstyles for you. Ha Ha Love Mom

  2. So fun to hear how it all began! I'm still so honored that you texted me on the night you got engaged! At one point when we were texting back and forth Matt said, "you should stop bothering her! She's probably with Isaac and he's probably wishing you'd stop texting her!". I said, "Oh, I'm sure she wouldn't be texting me if she's with him!" Tami told me the next day that I was quite wrong! ha ha! So, hopefully, he wasn't too annoyed with my several texts!

    Hope we can hear about Isaac's side of the story!

    love ya!

    ps. Could I ask one favor? Would you mind taking my last name off of my blog link? I try to keep some anonymity on the web of who I am for my kids' safety. Is that ok? Sorry to be a pain!

  3. Oh my gosh i didn't even think of that! Yeah i will totally change that for you. Maybe i should do that to all of them, for everyone else's sake too.

    Haha Isaac was annoyed but not by you! I was texting my sisters during dinner and he didn't want other people thinking I was that disrespectful! haha I was texting you on the way home from Peoria not during dinner. So no worries!

  4. thanks for changing that for me! its so fun that you have a blog!