Monday, December 6, 2010

If Oprah can do it, why can't I?

Quite honestly this doesn't have anything to do with my wedding but getting into the Christmas spirit, I thought I'd do a 'favorite things' post just for fun. So...


It may seem silly, but I never leave the house with out mascara on my lashes. I've been known to have dark circles under my little peepers since I was a little tot, and mascara helps to disctract from that. So my pick for quite some time now has been L'Oreal Voluminous mascara in Carbon Black. If you don't like spider eyes but long lashes, this is the stuff for you.

I could very well be obsessed with candles, and my favorite are White Barn Candle Company. They run sales all the time so you can get like 2 for the price of one and they always have new scents. My current favorite for Christmas time is 'Tis the Season'.I tried for quite some time to find a less expensive alternative to this next one but every boot I tried fell apart or lost its shape. After months of walking through the snow in ballet flats, I got fed up and asked for these boots for Christmas. If I had bought these boots myself, I would say that these are the best purchase I've ever made, and every winter I thank God for these boots. Ugg Boots. I'm not sure what it is but I love these cups. I find that I've been drinking like 70% more water everyday. My complexion has been thanking me. You can get them 2 for $10 at Macy's right now, which is exactly what Isaac and I did.

Moleskines. Isaac and I bought a few of these for our wedding vow ceremony, and I love mine. They are such awesome quality.

Have you ever tried working out with your Ipod and the Ipod headphones fall out or feel like they are going to fall out alllll the time? Problem solved. Sony Earbuds fit inside your ear and stay in there. They also block out sound. It's so nice.

Speaking of Ipod, the CD that I've been playing over and over is Flags by Brooke Fraser. Makes me want to sing and dance around like a ballerina.

I love burts bees chapstick, especially the peppermint flavor but I stumbled upon these lip tints which are one step better. Same flavor, but has a little bit of color too. Tinted chapstick! Genius. My favorite is the Fig color.

In high school, my friend Katie would have these little babies in candy jars all over her house. Her grandma would fly big packs of them from Germany because they didn't sell them in the US yet and we would eat tons of them! But much to my eternal happiness, they now sell them in big packs at most grocery stores! Let it be noted that these are the only gummy bears I will touch.

Most girls I know always wear tank tops under most shirts or as a base to most outfits. I used to wear 'wife beaters' but those always shrunk in the wash and I would end up buying new ones every few months. Then I tried these. The 'Essential Tank Top' in the Pink line at Victoria's Secret. They are long and have elastic in them so they don't roll up. Best tank tops I've ever owned.

I may not be rich like Oprah and give people 2012 VWs but One Lucky Reader will get a White Barn Candle! So tell me, what are a few of YOUR favorite things?


  1. Oh man...a few of my favorite things. There are so many!!! I'll narrow them down to a few of my favorite things this winter...definitely at the top is hot cider powder mix! I live for it! I also have been drinking Lipton tea like it's going out of style. I found this butter flavored powder for popcorn that I've been using way to much! :) I also love my new 35mm/1.8 lens I got and have shot a ton of shoots with this fall.
    Hmm, I love my little MIss Mushroom Rebekah made for me...and lastly, I love my tiffany blue leather chairs that I got from TJMaxx!!!

  2. Oh Whit! I love a few of the same things you love, which makes me want to try all the others too. I love White Barn Candles too! Especially the vanilla scents, but for the Holiday season Jarod always gets Cinnamon, so that is what you will find at my house.
    I also love my Uggs, and don't know what I did without them. And my earbuds, which I believe are Sony also...I got some for Jarod and that is all we use now.
    And I can't believe you had them, but my all time new favorite tanks are the ones from VS too!!!! LOVE them! I had a favorite from Gap that they only made once, and then I found these babies and own 4 of them now. I also love their v-necks in that same line.

    One other favorite of mine that you didn't have on here, are your fabulous Sugar Cookies! We have been the happy recipients of two plates of them and they have been gone in a day. LOVE 'em!

  3. Hey, Heidi...what are you doing commenting on this post?! I was pretty much a shoe-in for the prize! :D Just kidding...what a fun post, Whit! Um, Leah, I also know you read this blog, so you'd better post so if you win the candle, I can enjoy it too!!! :)

  4. I know that even if I comment and say my favorite things whit wouldnt give me the candle anyways, so i'll still say my favorites even though i know its for no reasons except for the fact that i wanted to comment..

    I love my Macbook, it quickly became my favorite purchase.

    My black and white stationary - gifted from von maur

    My Starbucks hard plastic cup, I pretty much use it all day everyday since i bought it last week ha.

    That dang gold Bug a boo clutch, i carry everywhere It has been my most worn object .. i think ever! its so small and practical I love it.

    The Lauren Conrad book series : LA candy.. dorky but yet i still love them.

    My Extreme Teen Bible I've had since 6 grade. haha its black and purple. and makes me laugh when i read boys names i wrote next to verses.. haaa

    And probably my new favorite thing ever.. for real. is the picture Tami printed of me from the summer of the NOrdstrom Fashion show.
    It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever recieved and It reminds me of how special that day was.

    Ok .. even though i didn't get a candle there are my things :)