Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Engagement Photo Shoot

It's been a little quiet around here lately so I thought I'd write a little something something. So this may be jumping the gun a little bit but I'm TOO EXCITED!!!!!!!! In case you don't know, my beautiful and insanely talented cousin Tami Paige has her own photography business and she has agreed to take me and Isaac's engagement photos the last week of August!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've already called up Kaitlin and asked her to style me (and Isaac) pretty for the shoot... and unbeknownst to Tami, I asked her to tag along to help Tami out that day. So it should be a crazy fun day with those two.

Last year when Tami decided to start her own photography business, she asked me and Isaac to pose for her so she could build her couples portfolio, and we said yes with out any hesitation. Tami has always been creative and artistic, all the Inoue girls are, and I've looked up to them and admired them for it, so I knew with out a doubt in my mind that Tami has what it takes to be awesome.... and I was right. Here are some of the pictures from that first shoot....

She is so flexible and she will try anything you want her to. Isaac and I like the more modern style photography and that's exactly what she gave us, but she can do anything. SO BOOK HER! You won't be dissappointed!
You can also check out her amazingness here
ps. Keep your eyes peeled in the next couple of months for a peek at the engagement shoot!

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