Monday, April 26, 2010

The Vineyard

So a year ago, Tara invited me and Isaac to join her friends at this music on the lawn thing at Mackinaw Winery. Me and Isaac didn't even know there was a vineyard near by. . . and we were pretty skeptical. We were so skeptical in fact that we drove our own car in case it was lame and we needed a quick getaway. I mean, honestly, how cool could this place be? A vineyard right outside Bloomington? It couldn't stand a chance. But as we pulled up to the cute little house and caught a glimpse of the rows of grape vines, we realized that we were a little too quick to judge. To our surprise, the vineyard was pretty cool. . . no, really cool. Who knew that the prairie farm lands could actually look so beautiful? The more Isaac and I sat there on the lawn, watching the old people dance on the dance floor, the more we liked this place. As we walked hand in hand down to the lake, we found a little pavilion, sat down in a little swing, and began dreaming about the possibility of having our wedding here.

That's the one thing through out this whole wedding planning thing that I am so grateful for; Isaac and I are always on the same page and have the exact same vision of what we want our wedding to be like. I know this process would be a lot harder if I had to continually convince Isaac of this or that or compromise with him . . . but he's been great and is game for anything I suggest. I love that boy.

When it came time to choose a venue a year later, there was no question of where we wanted to have our wedding. So last Friday, we met up with the owner of the vineyard to discuss the wedding and ask her some questions about the set up.

This is the cute little house on the vineyard.
Behind our heads is the lake, and where the ceremony will be. (It was a little bright outside)

My wedding planner.

After the meeting, we went frolicking through the vineyard.... and Isaac found Mars.

I know it may only be a vineyard but to us, it's one small thing that had such a large impact when we first saw it. And we are sure you will feel the same.


  1. Looks like a pretty place, Whit. I've never heard of it before.

  2. Yeah, we didn't either until last year. But it's definately the best place for us.